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Losing Weight? Exercise Will Be Insufficient



Exercise has many proven health benefits. It benefits the bones and the muscles of a person. It improves mood and mental health. Exercise lessens the chances of developing various diseases and keep cholesterol levels and blood pressure in check. Exercise is good for the body; it helps in losing weight and fighting obesity. However, exercise is not a cure for obesity.


Sadly, it is found out that physical activity cannot completely curb obesity. Many experts say that it is not sufficient when it comes to losing weight. Studies also show that physical inactivity is not the main reason why certain individuals end up being obese. Obesity happens because of massive intake of calories and eating supersized meals.


The difference between the obese and those who are not is the diet they have. It is noted that those individuals who have slim and fit bodies have diets rich in fiber and low in fat. The food they eat are often healthy and will not cause weight gain. By contrast, obese individuals have diets consisting mostly of fats, sugar and processed foods and avoid foods that are actually healthy for them. These obese individuals would then consider prasouda diet.


Even if genetics plays a major role in obesity, it is possible for a person to stay moderately thin with proper diet and avoiding unhealthy, fattening and processed food. Researchers often point out that appropriate dietary intake is more important compared to energy expenditure or exercise. A person would not lose weight if he or she has no control with his or her eating habits. No matter how long or strenuous the exercise will be, overconsumption of food and unhealthy diet will still lead to obesity.

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